Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are articles found on Extras the same content in your Swift book?

Extras is a new resource that provides fresh essays, video tutorials and code challenges that support the Swift Algorithms Book. Overall, it offers extra content related to Swift /iOS Development, Interview Preparation and Computer Science.  


Q. How often will you publish new content?

A. New essays, code challenges and video tutorials will be published each month. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for the latest articles. 


Q. Where can I obtain content source code?

A. With Extras now launched there will be many items that will become available. Selected content will include the option to download the source code in Xcode Playground format. Those who are signed up on the mailing list will be notified as new resources become available.


Q. Will content published to Extras get added to your next book?

A. The primary goal of Extras is to provide audiences with additional content related to code challenges and computer science. While subject areas such as Blockchain are new, many future topics will expand on ideas already presented in the book through the use of video or other formats. 


Q. Where can I find your video tutorials?

A. New video tutorials are currently under development and will be published soon! In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for the latest news and announcements.